3D Maps





   3D Raised Relief Plastic Maps   by     NOVA  RICO
with  hard  backing  and  aluminium  angle  frame  with hanging  hooks.

(a) India                       size 75x100 cms            each Rs.  1300/- (b) India or World     size 50x75 cms              each Rs.  650 /-
(c) Asia (BG)              size 70x100 cms             each Rs.  1250/-
(d) Africa (BG)          size 70x100 cms             each Rs.  1400/- (e) North America    size 70x100 cms            each Rs.  1400/-


        3D Raised Relief Plastic Maps   by     NYSTROM
with  hard  backing  and  aluminium  angle  frame  with hanging  hooks.

(a) World 5NR 98          158x115 cms             each Rs.  9800/- (b) Asia 5NR 3                122x110 cms            each Rs.  9800 /- (c) Canada 5NR 11        106x140 cms            each Rs.  9800/-
(d) Ocean features 2 OC 90c   125x95 cms   each Rs.19000/-



                2  OC  90  NYSTROM'S  Ocean  Features

This is raised relief model of ocean floor and land above the sea .It shows all the oceanographic terms like ridges, under sea mountain, Islands, continental shelves etc. A transparent overlay is placed over the model to represent the water surface.

                Size      125x95  cms.      each  Rs. 19000/-



                           Weather  Maps of India

Printed in multi colors  on white polyart sheets with superior quality plastic rollers showing weather conditions of the day and how to learn weather recording etc.
                       size  70x100 cms        each Rs.  200/-
                                 set of 8                           Rs.  1500/-

(1) 2 Jan (Winter season)          (2) 13 April (Autumn Season)
(3) 25 June (Summer Season)   (4) 7 Sept.  (Rainy Season)
(5) 15 Mar.  (Autumn Season)  (6) 10 Dec. (Winter Season)
(7) October (Winter Season)       (8) 12 Nov. (Winter Season)


  BG Extra large single sheet plastic wall map with rollers

(a) World-Density of Population :
Showing in detail the density of population of the world
along with the  Indo-European  language  tree  and  details  of  country  wise area  and  its  population.

             Size         145x100 cms              each Rs.   850 /-


                    Maps  by  geological  survey  of  India

(a) Geological Map of India :
both side laminated with rollers.
size  90x70 cms                          each Rs.   750/-
        size  183x174  cms 1:2 M       each    Rs.  6000/-

(b) Metallagonic & Minerogenetic Map of India :
      size  183x174  cms.     1:2 M        each  Rs. 6000 /-


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